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"Shinkickers: now we are talking about my local "blues band". Their music is so distinctive, great blues numbers with a lot of Irish music thrown in thanks to Gerry, the lead guitarist. Love 'em."

Janice Dunning, Journalist - ABC South West, Blues at Bridgetown Festival 2010

“The Shinkickers from the first listen have thoroughly impressed me with their talents. The guitars, the sound and the energy behind what they play is absolutely astounding. The commitment they’ve shown thus far to their music has been proven evident with every song. These are people who love music! ”

Ash Fierro - The Chaos Box 99.3 FM Los Angeles, California

“The West Coast Blues and Roots Festival was billed as the "music lover's weekend" and this was not an understatement. Boasting 50 acts over three stages, it promised to be big - and it delivered. On the Saturday, I arrived just in time in the afternoon to see The Shinkickers on the Crossroads stage, which was located just next to the gates. Ignoring the heat, the band impressed with their jam-styled blues, and ended their set with a scintillating version of their instrumental, Weeping Willow. The Shinkickers are a fantastic ambassador for the Perth blues scene.”