The Shinkickers Rock Cork City

Written by The Shinkickers.

Sunday 27th October: Another awesome Shinkickers gig this time a debut gig in Cork City, Ireland tonight we had the Quayside Bar rocking! Thanks so much to everyone who came along it was great to see you there, and thanks also to everyone who couldn't make it but would have if they could have! Here are some comments from the audience: A message from Christine "Really enjoyed the music last night and hope to learn about more gigs. This is a space to watch" And from John "You know that feeling when you are watching a wild west movie and the wagon wheels look like they are moving backwards? That's the feeling I got at times when watching Gerry's fingers moving along the guitar neck - his fingers were moving so fast they literally did become a blur although i could hear every note he was playing ... I've never experienced that before it was just brilliant! The music was so good, especially that one, what was it called - Weeping Willow?"

... There was certainly a great "vibe" in the air ... we are looking forward to many more gigs in Cork City!