The Shinkickers in Ireland

Written by The Shinkickers.

In case you were left wondering "what the heck?" ... after our latest gig announcement, no Terry, Leroy, Greg and co. are not heading over here to Ireland to play for the Cork Jazz Festival weekend! (although we'd love to have them here anytime!) ... instead there are now two great lineups of The Shinkickers - one for Ireland, and one for Australia. Both bands will continue to play a great mix of blues, classic rock, celtic rock and originals with Gerry of course playing his eclectic mix of guitars and other things with strings!

The band playing in Ireland will be known as Gerry Quigley & The Shinkickers, so that locals won't confuse us with the Rory Gallagher tribute band here called Shinkicker (who have played over here for the past few years) Gerry's band in Australia will continue to be known as The Shinkickers, as they always have been. We'll be returning to Perth on a regular basis where Gerry will play a few weeks of great gigs with The Shinkickers as you all know them, at various venues around Perth. As far as we know, Gerry was the first person to choose the band name The Shinkickers when The Shinkickers band was founded over 21 years ago in Perth. So when trying to think of a name for our new band here in Ireland, Gerry thought "hey, why should we think of a new name?" Because to Gerry, creating a great band to play awesome blues, classic rock, celtic rock and originals just has to be known as The Shinkickers!